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  • Paris Hotel // La Lanterne

    Paris Hotel | Traviness Travel Blog

    When I looked through my pictures from the Hotel La Lanterne in Paris to show you a few, I realized that I took like a million from the balcony view and hardly any from the hotel itself. Haha, the view on the streets of Paris was just so stunning. However, the hotel itself was very […]

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  • “Paris is Always a Good Idea”

    Paris Impressions | Traviness Travel Blog

    I could not agree more with Audrey Hepburn on her favorite saying “Paris is always a good idea”. It is one of those cities, you can visit over and over again, and they still won’t be boring. So I spent a few days with the lovely Linda, walking around the city, constantly being stunned about […]

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  • Winter Melancholy

    Lake Eibsee in Bavaria | Traviness Travel Blog

    I love winter. Love it right until Christmas. After that it is usually just rainy, cold and annoying. I am always becoming a bit melancholic; and listining to playlist like this probably does not help. However, winter also makes pretty pictures. When it is all foggy, or all icy, the only thing you’ve got to […]

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