Traviness - A Global Lifestyle Blog

Traviness is a global lifestyle blog created by me – Kia Hampel. I always had this thing for social media, blogging, and Instagram and somehow made it my job. But not as an influencer but on the other side of things. After working as an influencer marting manager creating online marketing campaigns for well known brands such as Esprit, Pandora and Cartier I am now working Marketing Talent Manager for successful influences. I love my job and want to share more about my work in Influencer Marketing/Talent Management for Influencers and the places and events this job brings with it! 

You are wondering what the heck the name means? Read further 😉



The name Traviness derived from the combination of the words Traveling and Happiness. I used to write about traveling only while traveling and working in The Netherlands, South East Asia, and the USA. I kept the name and a few old articles on this blog because I just could not delete the memories.