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Time to get a cup of coffe and a piece of cake. I’ve got some exciting news which I no longer want to hold back:

I am moving to Hamburg. I know, it isn’t New York, but an amazing job for which I can travel to the States frequently. I am so excited! It also means that this blog will finally be more of a travel blog, as I will keep you posted about all the cool trips I will take.

The next thing I want to tell you is, that I am finally writing my blog in German too. I can see in google analytics that around half of my readers are from German speaking countries and a few people have asked about it already. So, If you speak German: here you go. For everyone else isn’t going to change anything.






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  1. Hey you 🙂 been a while! Congrats on the move, I’ve been following your posts but been a little MIA for a while. I’ll look forward to your travel posts, I do love the photos you take.
    xx Nandini

    1. Kia says: Reply

      This is so true, I just did not have anything interesting to post. Thank you so much for still reading my blog <3

  2. Good you are back, good luck in Hamburg!

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