“Paris is Always a Good Idea”

Paris Impressions | Traviness Travel Blog

I could not agree more with Audrey Hepburn on her favorite saying “Paris is always a good idea”. It is one of those cities, you can visit over and over again, and they still won’t be boring. So I spent a few days with the lovely Linda, walking around the city, constantly being stunned about all the beauty.

Paris Street Café | Traviness Travel Blog

Paris Street Café | Traviness Travel Blog

Paris Impressions | Traviness Travel Blog

Paris Impressions | Traviness Travel Blog

Best Eclair in Paris | Traviness Travel Blog

Louvre Paris | Traviness Travel Blog

Paris Impressions | Traviness Travel Blog

Paris Impressions | Traviness Travel Blog

Paris is always a good idea | Traviness - A Global Lifestyle Blog

Paris Impressions | Traviness Travel Blog



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18 Comment

  1. Lisa says: Reply

    Wow, ich toll sehen diese Bilder aus. Wie gerne würde ich auch mal nach Paris reisen! 😀
    Es ist schon länger ein Reiseziel von mir.
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Mona says: Reply

    Paris ist wirklich wunderschön 🙂
    Liebe Grüße, Mona von Belle Mélange

  3. Kathi says: Reply

    Ach Paris, was bist du schön… <3

  4. Lii says: Reply

    You are right, I always want back to Paris!

  5. Donna says: Reply

    Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can read more HERE: http://coffeecreatelondon.blogspot.co.uk/2016/04/liebster-award.html

  6. You’re right, it doesn’t matter how many times you visit Paris, you’ll never get bored. Just went back from my recent trip from the city, I fell in love even deeper with Paris. Your pics are gorgeous, especially that éclair…mmm..yum! x


  7. Pepper says: Reply

    I can’t hear anntihyg over the sound of how awesome this article is.

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  13. I think she looks really pretty, she’s finally doing something different with her hair and makeup. The only problem is that the components don’t work together well. For such a dress, the hair and makeup should have been different. But I am most pleased with her face anyway, the dress doesn’t look too impressive, at least not with the styling. I think she’s a bit too short to pull of the statuesque nature of the dress. The Valentino clutch is STUNNING though!

  14. Like gradmommy, I was confused by the description of the group. In my understanding, person of color is an umbrella term applicable to anyone who identifies as other than white or as other than only white {bi or multiracial individuals with white ancestors, for example}. Given that, the sentence describing the group in raced and linguistic terms was nonsensical, and that is quite dismaying in a piece about educators learning to challenge race and language biases.

  15. I am a 62 yr old Grandmother and I have read 3000 books. I have to say that this is one of my favorites. I loved Jude and Mary Beth. Both characters were so human. Thanks, Joe for a great read. I’ll be watching for more good things from you.

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