Thesis in One Month? Easy!

How to Write Your Bachelors Thesis in One Month

Yeah, maybe not easy, but definitely easier than making a pretty scan of your face. Did you ever try that? There is hardly a funnier thing to do with a scanner.

Anyways, before I started writing my thesis, everyone told me that one month is not enough time. Well, I wanted to get it done as fast as possible and I did it. Hah! So I believe that allows me to write this, even though I am bragging a bit. I have actually been looking for such a post in the beginning of my work (don’t we all do stuff like this to procrastinate?) I could not find a lot helpful articles so I wrote one my own.

My first piece of advice
Scanning your head when you actually should be busy writing is not really helping. But whom am I telling this?

Finding a topic
Should I take this theme, or this or that. Definitely do some research on: 1. Can I find Literatue? 2. Did anyone else wrote about this already? 3. How much effort will it take time wise?
How to Write a Thesis in One Month
After you are done with that just decide up on one suitable topic and stick with it. You can think fourth and back about pros and cons but in the end, it will somehow be annoying and frustrating anyways and no topic is the perfect one. Just decide and start, it will save you a lot of time.

Eliminate all kinds of distractions
We all love to do this. Facebook here, Twitter there. A day has past. Log out of all social media accounts so the barrier of having to type in your password will hinder you to “accidently” check new messages and stuff.

First things first
Yes, everyone will tell you to go in logical order. I say: be smart about it. After having a topic and an overview of the theory, do the stuff for which you depend on others. Such as questionnaires or interviews. After they are send out and you would need to wait around for answers you can finish the theory part.

Do Sports
Yeees, you don’t have time. But at some point you need a break. Go running for half an hour instead of watching TV. The fresh air and the workout will help you to be more concentrated afterwards.

Get up early
It is actually scientifically proven that we are more productive in the morning rather than at night. Even while writing papers from home, getting up at 6am instead of 8am makes a huge difference!
How to Write a Thesis in One Month

Always start the day with the most complicated tasks
You are smarter before having dealt with a topic for hours and will get it done faster. Also, the feeling of having managed the difficult, whatever you had to do, will keep you motivated the rest of the day.

Make a To Do List
And cross of each little point you finished. Constantly seeing progress is so motivating. And motivation is what you need the most.

Stop complaining
Just do it (oh man I am so influenced by advertisements). Anyways, don’t complain about your task. Rather focus on how far you came already. It will really help!

So, this is how I wrote my thesis in one month. I actually wrote that post right after I finished mine, but did not publish it before I got my grade (just to be sure!). But now I can officially say, that these tips work and I past with a good grade 😉

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10 Comment

  1. Raqda says: Reply

    What great tips! Very informative and helpful!

  2. Kathy says: Reply

    Love the idea of always start the day with the most complicated tasks. That to me is the best idea. It will make the rest of the day seem a whole lot easier.


    1. Exactly! This really really works for me 🙂

  3. Kathi says: Reply

    Hahaha diese 5 Schritte einer Thesis kennt glaub ich jeder, der seine schon geschrieben hat. Und ich hab mich erschreckend lange bei “This is shit” aufgehalten 😀
    Sind allerdings wirklich gute Tipps! Mein allerwichtigster wäre: Schreib die Gliederung zuerst und halt dich an sie! Keinen Millimeter abweichen (außer man verändert die ganze Struktur noch mal), dann kann man sich beim Schreiben auch nicht verzetteln 🙂
    Alles Liebe,

  4. Congratulations on your thesis! I also wrote my thesis in one month and even though it was tough, it made it possible for me to travel, while the others were doing all the introductory stuff. Your advice on how to do it sounds a bit healthier than how I did it. I just drank a lot of Red Bull and stayed up to late most nights:)

  5. This is so useful! It is all about will power! Doing instead of thinking again and again. Great post! Thanks for sharing


    1. Thank you! Before your comment I did not even realized that the only thing I say basically is “just write it” in different contexts. Haha. But it just works 🙂

  6. Zoe says: Reply

    I need this so much! I definitely saved this post, because I’m going to be writing my undergraduate thesis this year, and I’m terrified of it! Great post. xoxo

    1. Don’t be terrified, it is not as bad as you think! Success! 🙂

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