Of Loving and Missing New York

For the Love of New York : Traviness

I miss New York. Miss it to the extent that it physically hurts. Sometimes it’s my own fault. When I watch ‘When Harry Met Sally’, look for New York Pictures in Instagram, or listen to Empire State of Mind. Other times it hits me out of nowhere. That’s when it hurts the most.

When I walk a street and realize how much more interesting it could be if I’d walk any street in New York. Or when the cashier at the supermarket looks at me hostile, as if I’d tried to steal her bag, and I have to think of the Persian guy from the Deli closest to my place. He would have welcomed me with ‘hello beautiful’ and a smile. And just like every other evening, I would have responded with ‘hi handsome’ and would have bought whatever I needed that day.

I miss New York when I see a place in a movie, which I know. A place that appears a second on the screen and leaves thousand memories in my head. “This is 16 and 9”, I might say, and remember the corner because of all the memories connected to it. I have been there. That’s where I used to hang out with my friends. That’s where we went for our third date. That used to be part of my way to work.

Why are we even emotionally attached to places? Why am I emotionally attached to places?

Of Loving and Missing New York : Traviness
Of Loving and Missing New York : Traviness

I miss places that were so normal back than. I miss to step into a subway car and be surrounded by ten different cultures. People speaking different languages. I miss being in midtown, and an hour later in Chinatown. Like traveling the whole world within half an hour.

I miss after work drinks, going to all the museums for free. I miss being stressed over my weekend plans, because there is so much to do that I can’t decide and can’t commit. I miss being so busy with work, and my social life that I can’t find the time to go to the laundry place. End up washing the clothes I want to wear to work at 1 am in the bathtub – while my roommate is cooking Japanese food, and makes fun about me.

I miss feeling like in the movies when I try to step in heels over the cobblestones in Meatpacking on a Saturday night. The city lights. How the sun goes down behind the Highline.

I’d give everything to turn back time.

Of Loving and Missing New York : Traviness




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  1. This is such a beautifully written post! I definitely understand how it feels to be emotionally attached to places…it can be so hard!

    1. Thank you for your comment, it is so nice to hear when someone feels the same way!

  2. Ich war leider noch nie dort. Aber die Bilder sind toll!

  3. NYC is so lovely ! I really liked your post here. Travel posts are fun to read you have a nice blog . http://bauchlefashion.com

  4. Your writing skills are to be admired! I missed my small town when I lived in Europe, because that’s my home. I guess it is good to get attached to a city, it means you got to build something good in there.


    1. This is so true, not missing a place would mean there is nothing and no one to miss and that can’t be a good thing!

      And thanks so much for what you said about my writing, means a lot!

  5. This post made me so sad for you! Mostly because I love New York with all my heart. I go out there every 2-3 months and I hate it when I have to leave. My husband and I hope to move there in about 3-4 years. How long ago did you leave? What’s interesting for me is certain smells make me miss certain places the most. There is this smell that happens from time to time and it takes me back to Mexico, every time. I can’t explain it but I find it happens every couple of months, usually after it has rained. And it breaks my heart because I miss it. Thanks for sharing this lovely post!



    1. I lived there for about a year. And yes, you are so right! I have that with smells too. Anyways, glad that you liked the article, and that you can relate 🙂

  6. Monika says: Reply

    NYC is such a special place I don’t blame you for falling so hard for it. It’s my first love and it’s the one place where I truly feel like myself.


    1. This is totally how I feel! I love this about NY, there are so many different people that no one cares what kind of person you are. So you can simply be yourself and it is all fine.

  7. What a beautiful city! I’d like to go one day. Wonderful pictures!

    love, Carmen

  8. Carrie says: Reply

    great pics

    Posts online about the Amalficoast, Beijing, Miami…

  9. New York ist aber auch beeindruckend! Da braucht man echt länger, um wieder komplett zu Hause anzukommen 🙂

    1. Word! 🙂

  10. Kamila says: Reply

    You are a lucky girl being there, maybe some day I’ll go there to 🙂 Great photos !!


  11. This article is beautiful 🙂 I’ve never been to New York, but this post makes me feel like I should 😀
    The best part would definitely be feeling like in the movies while walking on NY’s streets… in heels, with a big cappucino cup in my hands. You got me dreamin’, girl 😀


    1. Hihi, that’s the spirit. I can totally picture you in NY after that description 🙂

  12. Kathi says: Reply

    Kia, ganz, ganz große Liebe ist dieser Text!! Ich hab jedes einzelne Wort aufgesaugt, ich kenne jedes einzelne Gefühl (und vor allem das hier: When I walk a street and realize how much more interesting it could be if I’d walk any street in New York.) und ich weiß, wie es sich anfühlt, Musik zu hören, die man dort gehört hat, Filme zu sehen, die man dort gesehen hat, Instagram-Accounts von dort zu abonnieren um sich selbst zu quälen und dann auf einmal unvorbereitet von einer Welle des Vermissens getroffen zu werden.
    So geht es mir mit Kapstadt. Und es wird nicht weniger, es wird eher immer mehr. Manchmal erscheint Kapstadt so weit weg, dass ich mich frage, ob ich mir mein Leben dort nur eingebildet hab…
    Ich hoff, du kannst bald nach New York zurück!! 🙂

    1. Und ich hoffe Du kannst ganz bald nach Kapstadt zurück <3

      Und ja, das mit der Frage ob das alles real war kenne ich. So ein merkwürdiges Gefühl!

  13. I love New York. It’s just a fantastic city with its charm and beauty. Nowhere else on the planet did not find taky beauty. This city is life itself.

  14. I just discovered your great blog! Why did you leave NYC? It sounds like you LOVE this city. I’ve lived here for almost a decade and loved New York since I was a child.

    I hope you come back soon! I bet NYC misses you too.

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