What to do, to Overcome the Sadness after Coming Home from Traveling

Traviness post travel depression

Have you ever traveled the world, and then came back home to find yourself having this weird feeling of being homesick to a place that officially is not your home?

You are coming home, and it is nice for a little moment, but then you realize how much you have changed, and how everything back home stayed the same. And then you start to realize that you don’t fit in anymore. You became different than everyone else. Wearing different things. Having different opinions about things. Wanting to do different things. There are some words and sayings you used to say all the time, and now people wouldn’t understand you. And you miss your friends. Because those friendships were different, and they did know the “new you”. Your friends and family, they do not really understand you. Besides, you cannot tell them how much you not want to be at a place they are calling home or how much you miss people they might be afraid to be replaced with.

So, what to do in this kind of situation? Crying and eating tons of junk food while looking at pictures of old times and listening to songs that bring back memories? It is fine for a while, everyone needs that sometimes. But on the long term it will not make you feel better. Believe me, I tried.

Something I figured out for me personally, is to treat your home as some kind international experience. Do you remember, when you first went to, well wherever you have been, you also did not fit in? Everyone else was different, you wore different things, talked differently, and so on. You were happy back then, or not? Of course, the difference was that you choose this situation, it was an adventure, and it was exciting. I get that. Still, treating your coming back as another adventure will help you to gain a whole new perspective! Go out, rediscover old places, or find new places! You have changed, so you might enjoy things know, you didn’t a year ago. All in all, you might be surprised that it actually isn’t as bad as you thought once you actually appreciate it.

Then there is the friendship thing. Let me be insensitive here: put yourself together and meet them anyways! Advice like this always sounds horrible, because it is such an easy solution, but in the end it is true. You might have changed and your friendship has to adapt to that, but what is wrong with meeting them, and showing them who you are now? They have been your friends for a long time for a reason. Instead just giving up on them, give them a chance. If they are good people, and I bet they are, they will accept you. And so should you accept them for their choices. They might chose a life you would not want, but you love them so do not judge.

Last but not least, if you realize after a while that this place that used to be your home is not the place for you anymore change the situation. Go back to where you have been, go to another place. In most situations, we are lucky to have the freedom to go to places if we really want it. It might not happen instantly, and most likely takes hard word, patience, and some time but if you really want it it’s worth it. Consider yourself to be happy, since you know what you want. People who don’t might just miss their dream, because they never realized.

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  1. Mona says: Reply

    Wundervoller Text!
    Liebe Grüße, Mona

  2. Farina says: Reply

    Ein wirklich wunderbarer Text. Hat mich ein wenig ergriffen denn ich werde selbst im Sommer für ein Jahr weg gehen & bin schon jetzt etwas in Sorge über meine Rückkehr.
    Sehr aufbauend auf jeden Fall 🙂

  3. Vickie says: Reply

    WOW! Nicht nur der Name deines Blogs gefällt mir total, auch deine eingängigen Texte!
    Und das Bild zu diesem Text passt wunderbar! <3
    Liebe Grüße, Vickie

    1. Tausend Dank, über das Kompliment freue ich mich besonders 🙂

  4. Aki says: Reply

    Wow sehr ergreifend… Das erinnert mich daran als ich nach meiner Diagnose Hirntumor Heim gekommen bin.. Es war einfach nicht mehr das selbe…

    1. Das tut mir unglaublich leid. Ich wünsche Dir alles alles Gute und ganz viel Kraft!

  5. Sarah says: Reply

    Wow – really, really true words! I know the feeling. I’ve been “traveling” a lot myself, spent months, even years at places far away from home. Feeling lost every time I came back home has become somewhat normal, but is still hard. It’s a very lonely place to be and I guess we know what we’re getting ourselves into when we leave, but in the end, it’s a really small price to pay regarding what and who we come to know and how much we grow. It’s reassuring, knowing that we’re not alone with this feeling. I don’t think it gets easier or better with time. But we should remind ourselves of how rich we truly are, being able to call so many places home.

    1. Thank you! This is actually the reason why I shared this post. We keep our problems to ourselves so often, but would actually feel better when we share them and realize we are not alone 🙂

  6. Ariane says: Reply

    Wirklich ein schöner Text – da steckt sehr viel Wahrheit drin 🙂 Wenn du Lust hast, kannst du ihn gerne noch bei meiner Heimkommen-Blogparade einreichen, ich würd mich freuen!

    1. Habe ich glatt mal gemacht 🙂

  7. Kathi says: Reply

    Schöner Post und das ist eine total gute Idee, die alte Heimat als “neu” zu betrachten. Ich hab nach dem Heimkommen das Joggen im Park beibehalten und geheime Wege für mich entdeckt und neue Cafés getestet. Leider liegt es bei mir nicht wirklich an meiner Heimatstadt – die mag ich ganz gerne – sondern daran, dass die Freundschaften, die ich hier hatte, einfach nicht mehr dieselben bin… und dann ist das Fernweh nach den neuen Freunden, die man kennen gelernt hat schwer zu dämpfen, vor allem, wenn man auch noch viel Kontakt hat.
    Trotzdem hast du Recht: Wir können immer weg und wir können immer zurück. Und wir haben keine Angst, es zu probieren 🙂

  8. As cliche as it may sound, this is really beautiful post that I fully understand. It is really hard in adult life – whatever you say to your stable and settled friends and family about freedom of traveling, your memories and suffering from wanderlust, some people say you’re childish, immature, Peter Pan and you should maybe settle down and be an adult. When you share your wanderlust feelings with your colleagues at work, they say: but you’ve just came back from vacation a month ago and how come you’re thinking about next destination for next month? It is really hard to be tough and be yourself. 🙂

  9. Thank you for this comment! This is exactly how I feel from time to time. It is funny however, during my studies I was the one saying that I will become an adult and settle after this time of my life. Now that it is there, I feel a bit different about it 😉

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