When in Paris… 10 Parisian Things To Do

I just realized how long it’s been that I posted something here. It is simply the lack of travels in the last time, my job is definitely keeping me busy. However, I will have some exciting news soon

When I visited my New York City girl (but now living in Paris) Linda, she asked me beforehand what I wanted to do in Paris. What could I say? When I visit cities, the only thing I actually want is to be a local for a few days. I’d say I am a pretty easy visitor.

In that case, I wanted to be a Parisienne for a few days. So, these are the things I had to do in Paris. What can I say, most of them are related to food, but I hope you are okay with this.


Eat a croissant for breakfast. Every damn day.

Me personal, I developed a almost obsessive addiction to almond croissants.

When in Paris... 10 Parisian Things To Do


Go vintage shopping.

Before I got to paris I read this article by CN Traveler and tried a few of the tips. Free P’Star and the Kilo Shop are great vintage stores. However, you will see many more just by walking through the city and they are definitely worth it.

When in Paris... 10 Parisian Things To Do

Get drunk on French wine.

When in Paris... 10 Parisian Things To Do


Eat a Macaron. Or two.

At least one must be from Ladurée.

When in Paris... 10 Parisian Things To Do

Even though it is a clicheé. Go and see the Eiffeltower.

Say you hate it, especially when it blinks, even though you actually get excited every time you see it.

When in Paris... 10 Parisian Things To Do


Eat an eclair.

Even though you do not even like them that much.

Best Eclair in Paris | Traviness Travel Blog

Drink a noisette in a street café and read a book.

A noisette is an Espresso with a little bit of milk, and sometimes even milk foam. Like a tiny cappuccino and it is delicious!

Paris Street Café | Traviness Travel Blog


Do something cultural.

Like a gallery opening, or visit a small and unique museum (not the Louvre, it is too crowded)

When in Paris... 10 Parisian Things To Do

Have a romantic date.

If you have a local friend, tell her she is supposed to set you up. Otherwise try Tinder.

When in Paris... 10 Parisian Things To Do

  1. ‘Get drunk on French wine’. I do not need to travel to Paris to do that.. ^^ But I get what you mean: Try as many local things as possible. When I was is SA, I thought it was a crime to drink anything other than South-African wines 8)

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