Carry on Beauty Packing

I love to travel with carry on only, instead of taking a big suitcase. Not only do you usually save money, but most important: time. You can arrive at the airport right before taking off and don’t have to wait at the baggage carousel later. It isn’t a problem for me as I do not wear and own many clothes anyway. Only when it comes to beauty products I often find it challenging. It is most common, that you are allowed to take 10 bottles with liquids 10 ml each. With all the great products out there to look your best, it is easy to reach that limit.

So here are a few tips for carry on beauty packing.

Carry on Beauty Packing | Traviness - A global

Get a cosmetic back to hang

It is so handy, if you can hang your things anywhere, as sometimes you do not have enough space or worse, it is wet. I love mine from Maxwell Scott that has all the little compartments to sort my stuff. It is not cheap, but one of those pieces you invest in once and as they have such a good quality, you can keep them forever. Also, doesn’t it look pretty?

Replace liquid with non liquid products

For example a shampoo bar instead of “normal shampoo”. Instead, you can take another liquid item, that is not replaceable. Other examples are:

  • Body lotion bar
  • Make up remover wipes
  • Nailpolish remover wipes

Use products for different purposes

For example: You can wash your clothes with shampoo instead of taking a Handwash detergent, or use coconut oil to remove your eye make up and put it in your hair as a hair mask.

Carry on Beauty Packing | Traviness - A global

Carry on beauty packing list

The 10 liquid products I pack

  1. Facial cream
  2. Body lotion
  3. Toothpaste
  4. Eye-Makeup Remover
  5. Cleanser
  6. Face Serum
  7. Mascara
  8. BB cream
  9. Eyebrow Color (unfortunately, mine is liquid)
  10. Liquid Eyeliner

Non liquid products I pack

  1. Shampoo bar
  2. Conditioner bar
  3. Nailpolish remover wipes
  4. Lipstick
  5. Concealer
  6. Naked 2 Palette

Aaand roll it up and go.
Carry on Beauty Packing | Traviness - A global
The bag was a PR sample by Maxwell Scott.

  1. A shampoo bar sounds like a really good idea, but I don’t recall ever seeing one. Which brand do you recommend? I also have a hanging cosmetic bag, but not as stylish as yours. I got it as a present from my mom several years back, and I never thought I would use it, but today this is one of the items, which I always make sure to bring:)

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