Guide to Instagram Travel Hashtags

At times when I can’t travel as much as I would like to, I really love to use Instagram. If I can’t see the world, I can at least see it on my phone. In my first post about Instagram, I already mentioned a few of my favorite travel accounts. So this time, I put together a little guide about the best Instagram travel Hashtags you can use yourself, or look up in case of wanderlust. As, in fact, Hashtags, such as #travel or #wanderlust might bring up a few nice pictures, but also a lot of weird or seriously unaesthetic content.

#JustBackFrom by @CNTraveler

A never ending flow of beautiful landscapes, skylines, and architecture. I love this Hashtag almost as much as the magazine, that created it.



#followmeto by Murad and Nataly Osmann @followmetraveller

I doubt there is anyone who does not know Murad Osmann and the beautiful pictures he takes of his, likewise beautiful, wife. No wonder, they inspired so many others to take similar pictures.




This one is not for people with a fear of heights. You will find a lot of people standing on roofs, as well as many pictures of skylines and cities by night.




Coffee is definitely a constant in the life of many travelers, isn’t it? I do not only love to drink it, but look at it too.



#CNTravelerEats curated by @CNTraveler

Another Hashtag by Condé Nast Traveler. This one is great, to find food pictures from broad. Beautiful pictures and / or really interesting dishes I often do not know and have to look up, in order to figure out what it is.




Typical travel pictures, as well as a little bit of food. Not the most specific or special Hashtag, but overall nicer pictures as you would find with #travel



#HuffPostGram by @huffingtonpost

Apparently, magazines generally create great Hashtags. With this one, you will find many amazing travel shots featuring people. Huffington Post also regrames the best ones on their account.




You will find, what a surprise, pictures of beautiful destinations. You are probably going to write many many things on your bucket list after going through those pictures.



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