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I’ve gotten kind of into nature lately. Maybe it is because of my surroundings here in Bavaria. The nature here is so beautiful, that I started to fall for it. Or maybe I am just getting older and start to appreciate things like nature a bit more. OMG I am really getting older. Anyways, here are some Instagram Accounts that I recently discovered. Just in case you are reconnecting with nature too right now.


A lot of stunning picture, all of them taken in Germany, which makes me a little proud and surprises me all over and over again. Some places here definitely can keep with the national parks in the US. With #GRTakeover or #weroamgermany you can find more similar pictures.

Feature friday! amazing shot of the famous Rakotzbrücke by @anton_notna! #weroamgermany #GRtakeover Ein von German Roamers (@germanroamers) gepostetes Foto am


I really love the brand and know it for a while, but a collegue showed me their social media accounts lately and I am addicted. We spend an evening binge watching their videos on youtube. Haha.

Escaping among the mountains with @wayfaringlovers today on the blog. #traveltuesday Ein von freepeople (@freepeople) gepostetes Foto am



: A beautiful life in beautiful pictures. All I can say.



: Nudity in almost every picture and yet the imagery is so beautiful and not to sexual at all.

Murder Mystery #theexperiencevol1 Ein von ?Magdalena Wosinska? (@themagdalenaexperience) gepostetes Foto am




: I almost forgot to mention him, but he actually is the nature photographer I am following longest already.


This list isn’t as long as usual, as I just started getting into this. So my question ist – do you know more Instagrammers or Hashtags to find pictures like these? Also let me know if you account is in this style, I’d love to add you to the list.


  1. Such amazing photos. I also found myself getting more and more into nature stuff, at least on Instagram. I’m still not an outdoor person, but I think you’re right. It’s probably something that comes with age:)

  2. Der erste Instagram Account ist wahnsinnig schön. Bei manchen Bildern kann man wirklich nicht glauben, dass die hier in Deutschland aufgenommen wurden!

    Liebe Grüße 🙂

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