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Barcelona is the city I always considerd to be my all time favourite. At least until now, living in New York did change that, but this is not about New York so i will go on. I used to live in Barcelona during my schooldays and it was the first foreign country where I have ever lived for some time. I think this is where my fascination comes from. Of course staying abroad for a while always has an impact, but Barcelona was my first and that makes it special.

Even though I do not live in Barcelona anymore, at least I manage to go back every now and than. Now writing that I realize I have been there in 2013 the last time, that’s horrible! But let me tell you what you can do when I have only a day in Barcelona and want to see all the nice places. If I do not have much time I usually stay in the city center, so I can reach everything fast – actually by walking!

Rambla, Barcelona, Spain, Las Ramblas

At first I start by walking up Las Ramblas. If you start here in the morning it is less crowded, and that makes it easier to actually walk. Always when I am walking this street I am asking myself “Too many people, souvenirs and expensive bad food – why am I doing this? But this street somehow has its very own atmosphere I would not want to miss out on. Though, be aware of pickpockets in the crowd!

Another plus point of La Rambla is the market La Boqueria. I will only say two words: fruit juice. They are so incredible tasty. Seriously, I would not need anything else, if I could have them on a daily base. And no, I am not saying this because I am a big fan of all this Juice Cleanse stuff (all my New Yorkers here will get me). At the Boqueria you can also buy some fruits for the rest of the day and make a nice picknick outside.

Behind La Boqueria you will find Raval, a part of town with a kind of bad image. Well, I used to live there and as you can see – I am still alive. If you are not stupid, and walk around alone by night in some tiny alleys, I am saying you are  safe here as well. And it’s worth to visit. You can walk the Rambla de Raval, which runs paralel to La Rambla but is less touristic and has a giant fat cat statue where no one should miss to take a picture with. You can find a lot of small cafés, and bars as well. Plus a lot of delicious falafel snack bars. don’t ask me why there are all at this street, who would wuestion the possibility to get good food?

The next thing on my list is a touristic spot again. El Parque Güell. I love to make a picnic there with my friends, jump around a bit, and simply hang around there. It’s lovely! Make sure that you get there right. There is one way, where you have to walk the whole distcance to get to the parc, and there is another one with escalator. Your pick. For the second option you have to take the U3 till Lesseps and follow the signposts.

Barcelona, Gaudí, Güell, Parque guell, spain, holiday
Barcelona, Gaudí, Güell, Parque guell, spain, holiday

Coming to another must do. Gràcia. It is my second favorite part of town. I love to wander around the streets, do some shopping in the small shops and wonder because the city changed again after I have been here the last time. You can also get the best Churros con Xocolata here. La Nena does not look special from the outside, but the Churros are simply the best. It is a place where the locals go, so that speaks for itself.

A nice visit to a bar or restaurant in the end of the day and you will have a nice and not at all boring day!

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churros con xocolata, churros, barcelona, spain, catalan, churros, chocolate

There are of course a lot of things I did not cover here. The harbour, the nightlife, the museums. But this is just an overview for everyone to fall in love with Barcelona as well. Have you ever been? If yes leave me your tips and favourite things to do as well! I have to go this year again for sure, and maybe there is something I did not discover yet myself 🙂

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  1. El Parque Güell, genau – der ist es! Ich liebe diese bunten Farben. Den werde ich beim nächsten Barcelona-Aufenthalt besichtigen. Und dann ein paar Churros mit Schokoladensoße essen. 🙂

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