5 Travel Movies to Watch in a Current State of Wanderlust

Its wintertime and this means it is movie time! Since there is a little bit of snow outside (thank’s Juno!) and I don’t have to work, you can enjoy this post and maybe one of those travel movies. So here are six great travel movies to watch when you wish to be somewhere else. Preferably some place warm, and including a beach. Such as Bali, or the Carribean Islands. (Well.. except movie number four, that’s for everyone really loving the cold period of the year)

Eat Pray Love
The movie features Bali. I believe there is nothing more necessary to make one want to watch it. If this does not apply to you: It is also a very inspiring story of a woman who decides to take a year off and travels through Italy, India, and finally – Bali. I guess you heard about it.


The Bucket List
I would consider this movie as my all time favorite. I have seen it so often, and I still cry like a baby. Not only is this movie pushing you do write your own bucket list, it will also make you very grateful for your life.

Vicky Christina Barcelona
A movie I have watched so many times before moving to Barcelona, I actually can not watch it anymore. Nevertheless, it is indeed a really nice movie, and easy going. It features a lot of spots in Barcelona, even though you can really see that they cleaned them up before shooting. To get the real picture, just imagine everything a bit dirtier and with more tourists.

Into The Wild
This is an incredibly inspiring movie, which is based on a true story. It shows the life of Christopher Johnson McCandless, aka Alexander Supertramp who gives up his normal life to travel alone through the wilderness of Alaska. The film music, by Eddie Vedder, is awesome as well.

Midnight in Paris
Another easy going movie. I just like it, because it features Paris during the 20s. It is romantic also, and that’s just the typical combination: Love and Paris. A good combination though.


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